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Average Driving Distance versus Carry and Good Shots for Men and Women

Mygolfdistance.com has aggregated all available data on average golf driving distance. This shows any given golfer by their exact age and handicap, what their peers average off the tee. The sources of the data include the 2019 USGA Distance Insight Report with help from other studies. These include Arccos and Shot Scope customer averages, Trackman and an age curve from Golf Analytics. Their data covers all ages from 15 through 85 and handicaps from scratch through 28. It includes similar data for both men and women. Not only have they calculated exact average total distances, but also average carry distances and average ‘good shots’.  They use the performance average concept from Shot Scope which removes bad shots from the averages. The resulting averages for men and women across all ages and handicaps are shown in the following table-
The average male golfer is hitting the ball 80 yards less than the average PGA tour pro. The average woman golfer is 85 yards less than the average LPGA tour pro. Interestingly, the LPGA tour pros also hit it 36 yards further than the average male golf club member. In fact, we can deduce from the average data, that the average LPGA driving distance is the equivalent to male golf club members with a handicap of 2 – almost scratch golfers. This is partly due to their consistency which of course brings up their averages.

Male Golfer Average driving distance by age

We can see in the graph below how the average golf driving distance deteriorates with age. Their data shows that distance peaks at age 23 and declines slowly after that, picking up more pace at around ages 50 and 70. Not surprisingly, carry distance and good shot distance also decline at a similar rate. The mygolfdistance.com data shows that average good shots are around 7% longer than average shots. Carry distances are around 12 % shorter than total distance. According to Trackman, the average male golfer has a handicap of between 14 and 15. The chart below has been calculated for a 14 handicapper. At peak age 23 they average 241 yards total distance with carry of 214. Their good shots go a total of 258 yards. Their average total distance will decrease to 229 yards by age 40 and 219 yards by age 50. It will eventually decline to 168 yards by age 85. A scratch golfer at age 23 will average 279 yards total distance with carry of 259. Their good shots go a total of 299 yards, just about the desired magic 300-yard drives. Their average total distance will decrease to 265 yards by age 40 and 253 yards by age 50. They will eventually decline to 194 yards by age 85.

Female Golfer average  driving distance by age

Not surprisingly, we see similar trends for female golfers as well. The average lady golfer has a handicap of 28. The chart below shows how their average golf driving distance also declines with age. Peak average total distance is 156 at age 23 and declines to 148 by age 40, 141 by 50 and eventually by age 85 to 109 yards. At the peak age of 23, their average carry is 133 yards while their good shots go a total distance of 167 yards. As a comparison, scratch lady golfers average distance peaks at 229 yards at age 23 when their good shots total 245 yards and their carry 203 yards. Their average total distance declines to 217 yards by age 40, then to 208 yards by 50 and finally 159 yards by age 85

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