Best Public Golf Courses New Jersey

The Best Public Golf Courses in New Jersey

Everyone has an opinion of the best golf course near me and the internet has many such lists for any locality. Examples include the best public golf course in New York, Philadelphia and of course, New Jersey. In time we will produce similar listings such as the best public golf courses in Colorado.  Here we focus on just New Jersey, and below we include a New Jersey golf course map.

We have focused on the top 40 public golf courses in New Jersey. Unlike other such lists, we have incorporated the actual price of playing into our rankings. Price is of course an important aspect when deciding where to play. Because golf conditions and weather in New Jersey is so variable, we also know that rankings can change quickly. Some course conditions/staff improve or deteriorate over time.  Golfers place a premium on not only the quality of the layout, but also the friendliness/efficiency of the staff and the actual current course conditions.  Accordingly, we have allocated 50% of our grading system below to current customer reviews.

The full breakdown of our rankings is as follows-

  1. 50% comes from current golfer satisfaction rankings and the 2021 top 20 courses list produced by Golf Pass here.
  2. 30% comes from other top course rankings including the Top 100 courses, Golf Week and
  3. 20% come from the current available prices to play the courses.  These are based on the best available off-season midweek rates publicly available.

Impact of price

When we incorporate green fee rates into the rankings, we get some quite different results. Atlantic City Country Club often tops such best golf course lists but drops to 4th place because it’s green fee of $99 is relatively expensive, even though it is the highest ranked course by quality. Ballyowen Golf sits in second place behind the clear winner which is the perineurial favourite, Neshanic Valley Golf Club. The Bay course at Seaview takes a credible third place behind these.  It’s $50 winter green fee offers great value.

There are many South Jersey shore golf courses and some of the best public golf courses in central New Jersey in the rankings as well as all the best golf courses in NJ public. The list includes many of the most difficult courses in NJ as well as many semi-private courses in New Jersey such as Twisted Dune and Knoll West County Club.

In our course rankings below, we include a recent descriptive comment from the customer reviews as well as the price we have publicly found and the location, alongside our overall, quality and price ratings. We include the overall quality ranking in brackets beside the overall ranking. As an example, Ballamor is ranked 8th in our overall ranking, but 7th in the quality ranking (which ignores price). The biggest winners by taking price into account are High Point Golf Course and Ocean County Golf Course at Forge Pond, which jump 21 and 20 places, respectively, due to their green fees of approximately $30. On the other hand, the biggest losers are semi-private country clubs such as bowling Green and Rive Vale Country Club which lose 16 places each due to their $80+ green fees.

9 hole courses

We separate out 3 highly rated 9 hole courses at the end. Unsurprisingly, we find find that the Neshanic Valley Academy course also wins this mini-ranking.

We hope you enjoy our listing and have a comments section below. Please feel free to comment on the rankings based on your own playing experience. We will use these to adapt the rankings in the future.

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Map of the best 40 public golf courses in New Jersey

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