How does golf weather affect my golf distance

How does golf weather affect my golf distance


So, how does golf weather affect my golf distance We all know that the golf ball does not travel as far in the winter as the summer for a variety of reasons.  However, how much does it actually impact on your golf distance? Here is a handy rule of thumb and table which explains it-

Rule of thumb –


For about every ten degrees, the average golfer (with a 90 mph swing speed) will see a difference of 2 yards in distance

In simple terms, for most shots, it is about a club difference in each shot from winter to summer. Accordingly, a summer 9 iron shot needs an 8 iron to go that distance in the winter.

When considering how does golf weather affect my golf distance, the above table only considers the impact of the colder air on technical factors such as-

  • Transfer of energy from the club to the ball is less efficient reducing ball speed
  • Cold air has more friction (drag) so the ball travels less.

However, when you consider that your body is also colder and therefore you cannot swing as fast as normal, the above distance losses are in reality a minimum. Therefore, even greater distance losses can be expected, especially until you warm up fully.

Should you use a ladies golf ball in the cold?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes.  Low compression balls, usually favoured by women golfers, fly further than high compression balls in the cold air.  So, change your $4 Titleist Pro V1 golf ball for a $2 low compression Taylor Made Noodle or Callaway Supersoft if you want more distance in the winter!

Does humid air affect my golf distance?

Many golfers think that humid air reduces their golf distance, but the answer is actually the opposite.  This is because humid air is actually less dense than dry air. However, the impact is minimal and can be ignored relative to the higher impact of altitude and temperature.

So, as we all know how important the weather is for your game of golf, here is a good article from on the 5 best apps for golf weather – from none other than golf course superintendents!

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